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Hungarian Government fails to give equal rights to Buddhist and ROMA

Hungarian Government fails to give equal rights to ROMA Trouble in Sajókaza: Being Buddhist and Roma Dear Friends Jai Bhim, I am going to talk about Roma fate, would bring them on the bench of question! What they are getting from the Hungarian government since the regime change? No work, no food,will be tomorrow, somehow [...]

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Global Buddhist Congregation 2011: enlightened or deluded Buddhism

Global Buddhist Congregation 2011: enlightened or deluded Buddhism “All Buddhist countries feel that in India, the land of Buddha, nothing is being done to promote Buddhism.” says Lama Lobsang, organizer of the Global Buddhist Congregation in Delhi recently. For the millions of followers of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, who have transformed their lives through Buddhism this statement [...]

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The prevail of caste-ism even in modern times

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